• “Preparing today’s Students for Tomorrow’s World.”

    The Vision statement at
    A-C Central is “Preparing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s World.” We must
    look at what the world will look like when our kids graduate (and that time will
    be here before you know it!) The world is a very different place than it was
    even a few short years ago, and we should help our kids consider how they can
    best fit in and contribute to that world. Now is the time to encourage your kids
    to take risks and explore possibilities!

    At A-C Central, we are working hard to
    make sure the courses we offer courses to help students with this process.
    Have questions? Encourage your child to talk with their favorite teacher and
    the Guidance Counselor. Send these people an email yourself and prime the
    pump! Having four kids of my own, I know how they will sometimes look for an
    easy and safe path. I always felt it was my job to encourage them to stretch
    themselves and go a little beyond their comfort zone. They won’t have
    educational opportunities like this their whole lives. Now is the best time for
    them to find their hidden talent, their unknown strength or gift – whether it’s in
    the classroom, on an athletic field, or in a fine arts arena.

    Carpe diem – Seize the Day!!!
    “Make your lives extraordinary”


    Mr. Page