MS & HS E-Learning Updates

  • Good morning.  This is Mrs. Shaver calling from the middle and high school with a couple of important announcements.  First, student pick up of items will take place from 9-noon and again from 1-3 pm this Friday, August 21 at the Middle and High School Building in Ashland.  All students will pick up materials at this time.  There will no longer be a pick up for remote learners today, Thursday August 20.  Please allow some time for this to take place as your students will need to log onto computers, fill out handbook forms, obtain books, etc.  Also, please wear masks and observe social distancing guidelines.

    If any parent or student cannot make this time frame due to alternative schedules, please call the middle and high school office so that we may make adjustments for you and arrange an alternate time for your student to obtain required materials.
    Second, while we are fully remote at this time, both I and the teachers at the middle and high school would like the opportunity to meet with students directly to set them up well with remote learning.  We cannot open the school at this time fully to all students, but we can assist students with set up on a limited basis.  
    Thus, the following schedule will be in place next week for students, and we will be bringing approximately 60 students in at a time by grade level.  This schedule is for the week of August 24th ONLY.  After that time, and until further notice, all students will be remote learning.
    Monday - 8th grade and 9th grade
    Tuesday - 7th grade and 10th grade
    Wednesday 6th and 11th grade
    Thursday 5th and 12th grade
    On these dates
    We ask that all of your students come in at this time if possible as we believe this to be the best way on this one day to set your students up for success. 
    If you are going to need transportation, please text 312-884-1398 and give us the following informtion: name, address, and what day you will need transportation.  The transportation office will post pick up times on the school facebook page and website. 
    A text version of this message will be posted on the school website and facebook page in addition to a video created explaining the changes. Please take a moment to access this with your child.
    Thank you, and please stay safe.
    Candi Shaver, Principal
    A-C Central Jr.-Sr. High School