• Good afternoon. This is Mrs. Shaver calling from the district office with a message for all students and parents.  Tomorrow, Wednesday February 2 will be a remote learning day for all district students.  All evening district activities and practices will also be cancelled for Wednesday as well.  

    Elementary students and parents should follow instructions provided in remote learning materials sent home with your child today.  Because tomorrow is pre-scheduled as an early dismissal day, Middle and High School students are reminded to follow the early dismissal class bell schedule to log on to meetings with their instructors.  The schedule will be posted  on both the website and school facebook page and is also posted below.

    1st hour 8:05-8:40
    2nd hour 8:43-9:19
    3rd hour 9:22-9:59
    4th hour 10:02-10:38
    5th hour - High School - 10:41-11:16
    5th hour - Middle School - 11:11-11:46 for MS 
    6th hour 11:49-12:25
    7th hour 12:28-1:04
    8th hour 1:07-1:42
    Thank you and please stay safe.