•                             Welcome to A-C Central Community Unit District #262

                                           where U-KNIGHTED WE CONQUER!


    My name is Candi Shaver, and I am the Acting Superintendent for A-C Central #262, a
    school district comprising the communities of Ashland, Illinois; Chandlerville, Illinois and
    surrounding areas.  I am beginning my fourth year as an administrator in the A-C
    Central School District, with this year being my first year in the Superintendent’s role. I
    have been in the field of education for 20 years as a teacher, Principal, and now Acting
    Superintendent.  As both Acting Superintendent and resident of the school district, I am
    very committed to our schools, and truly believe that U-Knighted we DO conquer, and
    can overcome any obstacle in our way of providing the best for the students and
    families of the community we serve. Home, school, and community members working
    together equate to unconquerable student successes.

    Our District is home to approximately 400 students, as well as a very committed,
    supportive, and family oriented faculty and staff with a collective mindset of continual
    improvement.  It is our aim to continually improve our instructional services as we also
    press students to continually grow and improve educationally. A-C Central School
    District prides itself on providing an outstanding and well-rounded education that
    ultimately prepares students for life after high school.  Our mission is to produce
    successful, responsible, and productive citizens through rigorous, high quality, and
    collaborative educational experiences. This is where we PREPARE TODAY’S
    STUDENTS FOR TOMORROW’S WORLD, as our vision for the district states.   
    I consider it both a blessing and honor to be able to serve the students and families of
    the A-C Central School District.  While providing the best education possible to students
    is our primary goal, it is likewise my aim to promote a continuous culture of positive
    relationships, communication, and collaboration with all school district stakeholders –
    one in which every participant (from student to parent, and from teacher or community
    member to Board of Education member) is seen, heard, and valued.  Toward that end,
    please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have at any time.  

    It is my belief that through positive relationships reflecting joint communication
    and collaboration efforts, U-KNIGHTED WE DO CONQUER in providing the best
    possible education and learning atmosphere to the students of the A-C Central School District!