School Closure Update

JB Pritzker’s current order is to use Act of God Days through March 30.  Later, the Governor ordered schools to remain closed through April 7, but he has not yet made any determination regarding how the school should treat these days regarding attendance and academics.  I fully expect that we will be under some type of E-Learning mandate.  I also expect that there will be yet another extension of the school closure.  With this in mind, I have met with our administrative team, and we are attempting to make sure devices get in the hands of every student and that every student will have some type of access made available for them to get on the internet.  This will allow all students to utilize our teachers' e-learning plans to their fullest extent including some digital interactive time with their teachers and classmates, and then we will be better able to continue progressing through our curriculum using this platform.

Also -  Please know that CassComm has opened up all of their public hotspots for free.  There are many local areas where this is available.  Please see their webpage for these locations and remember to continue to exercise appropriate social distancing if utilizing these services.

While those plans materialize, let me leave you with this:

Lunches/Breakfasts are still being provided in a grab and go format from each building from 11:30-12:30 every weekday.

For those who received packets from their teachers before we dismissed and they have been completed, you may bring those back to the school and drop them off during the same time as lunch is being made available.  We will get them to the teachers for you.

When I have more information, I will push it out to you.

Thank you and stay safe!